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root (“/”) begins with a mock tech manual replete with ridiculous acronyms regarding the Information Systems Integration Structure (ISIS) operating system: proceeds to a flurry of prose-cartoons: Object-Oriented Prose Programs (OOPP): and Asynchronous Text Motives (ATMs): and concludes with the doomed romance of Blood and Night: two tragic-comic ghosts in the Machine.

“Anyone who reads and re-reads / will be drawn — certainly: inexorably: hypnotically — to the same conclusion of this astonished reader: Adam Engel wears a hat.”
— David Robinson: Reader of great books and Writer of bad checks translated into a dozen languages

“Reading / made me want to leap up and shout for joy! Which I did. And broke my ankle. I’ll be more careful next time. My doctors warned my next encounter with this author could be fatal. What do they know? I must go on: I can go on: I will go on reading Adam Engel.”
— Jennifer Gonzalez-Blitz: Artist: Reader: and Co-Author of her own life

“Adam Engel is the real thing: the greatest prose-cartoonist since Charles Baudelaire — or was it Charles Bukowski? Whatever. Engel is the realest thing in American letters today — which ain’t no big thing: but it’s some kind of thing: better than no thing. Isn’t it?”
— Aviva Shapiro: Producer and Ringmaster of Le Cirque d’Or

“Blah, blah, blah. Bleh, bleh, bleh. Blurb, blurb, blurb.”
— Eric Conliffe: Beater of his own drum and Author of several award-winning blurbs.

About Adam Engel

adam-engelAdam Engel, believing that ANYONE can wind up the star of a Reality TV-show at any time, and fearing he might be next ("A paranoid is someone who knows a little about what's going on," quoth William Burroughs), fled to Belize, where he and his somewhat older but still vigorous—not to mention "clean and sober"—business partner, Jim Morrison, run a small used bookstore. At one time, Adam Engel wrote this of himself:
He was once sixteen and roamed tree-lined streets and wide green schoolyards under cerulean suburban skies. He believed he was Shelley, and that his tiny girlfriend, who worked in a shoe-store, was Mary Shelley. Now he is probably only you, or someone you know. Who knows, really? He could be anyone, maybe even me. . . But he is no longer Shelley, nor will he ever know Mary again.
And then, at another time, this:
Adam Engel grew up in Jericho, Long Island. About twenty-five years after that, he finished his first masterpiece, Topiary, a Novel. Corpse is his second. He is working on a third. He'd probably get along reasonably well with your mother, but hate your father, due to unresolved conflicts that have nothing to do with current realities.